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Destitution awaits those "Fit to work" but too sick to sign on

Proposals to reform the appeals process risk destitution for sick and disabled people A letter from my local ME support group to our MPs on another gaping hole in the safety net: Dear [MP], Re: government proposals on the mandatory reconsideration before appeal provision, Welfare Reform Act 2012 We would like to draw your attention to aspects of the government’s proposals to reform the appeals process which may put very sick and disabled people at further risk of hardship and despair. The [ ] ME Support Group is a self-help group for people suffering from ME/CFS run by its members. We have members within your constituency. The introduction of the flawed Work Capability Assessment for ESA claims has had a devastating impact on our members, with many incorrect “fit to work” decisions overturned on appeal. [i] Now the government is proposing to introduce a mandatory reconsideration by the DWP before an appeal to the tribunal can be lodged. And in doing so they propose